Rebecca International powered by Enquire AI

Rebecca International and Enquire AI join forces to offer the all-encompassing expert network of the future!

Powered by AI tools such as Pulse and Lumina, Enquire AI is revolutionizing the use of an expert network. Its marketplace of experts, now 50 000+ strong in 180+ countries, its 350 000+ knowledge assets, and its powerful backend infrastructure allow clients and partners to get instant answers, insights and knowledge based on their targeted questions.

While Enquire AI keeps drilling on the technology side, Rebecca International continues to build its unique high-level expert network, doubling down on personalization. Direct introductions to experts and between leaders, organization of field missions, partnership building all the way to joint innovation and even M&A, facilitating fund raising and structuring, investor relations: all are on the menu for decision-makers and their advisors.

In addition to its more-than-ever innovative approach and global reach, the partnership between Rebecca International and Enquire AI will continue to provide more traditional services such as calls with, and content from, experts.

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Rebecca International is proud to have earned a place on the prestigious Inex One list, THE worldwide reference on expert networks.

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